Create Gorgeous Renders with Lumion!

In recent times, Lumion has proven itself to offer great utility to professionals in landscaping, interior design and architecture. It provides users with GPU based visualisation and rendering tools geared towards those who lack any prior experience with 3D visualisations. This enables users to create animations or images which serve to perform as a showcase of sorts for their designs. Lumion 8.0 Pro is one of the available products and is an invaluable tool for those in relevant fields.

Lumion 9.5 Pro 64bit $75
Lumion 9.0.2 Pro 64bit $65
Lumion 8.5 Pro 64bit $65
Lumion 8.0 Pro 64bit $65



Now that it’s been established what the software does, it is beneficial for you to understand what Lumion 8.0 software has to offer. Being aware of the features it provides can help you determine the extent to which the software can suit your needs.

  • Lumion Styles
  • Dynamic Lighting and Camera options (Skylight and Hyperlight for example)
  • Soft and Fine Shadows
  • Hand drawn outline effect
  • Mass placement for curved shapes to assist landscapers
  • Wide range of HD materials and objects
  • Videos can be rendered in 4K resolution


With the features neatly outlined above, the next step would be to understand the functionality. In this way you can learn how helpful each of these features are and the way they can improve your workflow, making for gorgeous renders.

Lumion Styles perform in a manner reminiscent of filters. Making use of these new Styles will illustrate to you that the system generates instant variant looks for 3D renders. Through the click of a button, you can easily and quickly add different effects to your work. Complete control is afforded to you can adjust effect settings to your heart’s content. You will also find that you can change the time of day and lighting conditions for a given scene.

The lighting and camera options available in Lumion 8.0 Pro include the Skylight, Hyperlight, as well as the options for soft and fine shadows. The Skylight feature is capable of creating realistic lighting for your scenes. This is achieved by making use of an algorithm which softens and disperses light in the relevant scene.

Hyperlight, which is the proprietary indirect lighting system, can now be applied to video as well. And in fact is typically applied when a video is being exported. However, it can also be used on renders. And when applied for this purpose is capable of creating fairly realistic lighting, making your render look more engaging and appealing.

The soft and fine shadows options are especially impressive as you get to influence the lighting conditions for shadows. By providing you with greater control over this area, it is now possible to create renders with greater aesthetic impact by fine tuning the shadows as necessary. It was possible to create this tool for Lumion 8.0 by increasing the GPU hardware.

With your purchase of Lumion 8.0 software, you will also find the introduction of two new camera control tools. The first is a two point perspective slider which is used for straightening parallel edges in renders through more interactive means. The second one allows you to keep the camera fixed to a certain point in a scene.

On the scene building side of things, Lumion 8.0 provides you with new options for grouping and placing objects, such as being able to place multiple objects along a curved path.  With Lumion 8.0 Pro, it also becomes much easier to explore various combinations of geometry and materials in a scene, thanks to the newly implemented variations system.

Lumion 8.0 Pro also provides you with other great utilities, such as measurement tools which check distances within the software and other render effects such as hand drawn outline effects and tilt shift. So as you can see, this software clearly has a lot to offer you.