Leading Product Design Software in the World

Dassault Catia is globally renowned for the comprehensive 3D design tools it provides. In addition to that, this product is capable of making digital 3D mock-ups. It also provides product lifecycle management tools. It’s the software of choice for many manufacturers because it greatly assists them in analysis, speeding up the design process and in the development of brand new products.

By successfully integrating different approaches to the product design process, Dassault Catia proves to be innovative among its competitors. System architects, creative designers and mechanical engineers will definitely find this product most useful.

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Catia is popular among many professionals across the globe because it provides many helpful and well-crafted features, some of which are:

  • Sketching tools
  • Modelling systems with complex intelligence
  • Comprehensive collaboration tools
  • Development of distributive systems
  • Advanced surface modelling
  • Design electric and fluid systems
  • Systems engineering


Among the most important functions of Dassault Catia is the multidisciplinary approach taken for product development and design. This way, it becomes possible to accommodate various companies and organisations along with their specific needs.

The sketching tools are perfect for drawing mechanical components or complex designs. They also prove to be of great assistance during the assembly process. Additionally, this Catia software also provides intuitive dimensioning and kinematic definitions for these drawings.

Because this is an advanced CAD software, it can easily be used for developing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), designing electrical circuits and diagrams, and modelling fluid flow.

System engineers in particular are very fond of Dassault Catia because it provides all the necessary tools for designing complex systems and behavioural modelling. Catia also has programming support for the design process, allowing you to make use of C++ and Visual Basic.

The cloud-based collaborative tools of the Dassault Catia software enable designers to contribute to and complete projects together, even if all the designers are working remotely.


Dassault Catia software is an exceptional product that has lots to offer you. For example, the multidisciplinary approach adopted to meet the needs of various companies also serves to improve the way that these entities conceive, realise and develop their new products.

Thanks to the advanced surface modelling capabilities, it’s possible to create surfaces of the highest quality because it’s fairly easy to visualise shapes that satisfy aesthetic and ergonomic conditions. Creative designers will also learn that they have more creative freedom with this product because they can import 2D sketches and formulate design ideas based off of them. Similarly, designers working on virtual experiences can use features such as reflections, accurate shadows and global illumination to create fantastic renders.

The comprehensive 3D modelling tools of this software are also capable of providing relevant insight to engineers regarding the performance and quality of their mechanical products. In the event that they discover some kind of problem, they can quickly respond to it and make the necessary changes.

Systems engineering is another strength of this product as it provides professionals with an environment that integrates cross-discipline modelling, verification, simulation and business process support. The task of simulating complex systems and products is greatly refined, as you can take advantage of the ability to integrate embedded systems and 3D design processes to streamline the task.

Dassault Catia is an unmatched design software, capable of accommodating a wide range of industries by allowing you to create extremely realistic models and prototypes for those industries.